Email from Rodney's Mom 1-25-2010

Hi La Trenda,
I know you want to call and see how he's doing ( I know I would if were you!), so I thought I'd email and give you his evening activities. He's been busy cooking and playing!

He was very sad when you left and squeaked and stood right by the front door (and kept returning to it). I put [Rodney's Mom's Dog] sof-crate in the kitchen with me, and Rodney helped me make meatballs and also had some time to get used to me and my voice. Then we went and played outside where he went on a big sprint round the garden (so cute!). We've been outside to play about 4 more times and enjoyed looking at the moon. He just loved [husband] and raced around with his toy while [husband] chased him. Also tracked a possum trail around the trees in the back.

[baby] watched Rodney during his dinner in fascination and kept loudly yelling "Ba" and smiling at Rodney. Any time Rodney moved out of sight, [baby] leaned over in the highchair to see him. I think they're a perfect match!

And then once [baby] went to bed, [husband] and I sat on the floor with him and played with the Nylabone, the treat toy, and a tug toy. He was so well-behaved and he lay next to us and chewed his toy while we petted him.

He's squeaking off and on now that it's bedtime but he's settling in and seems very comfy with his wonderful quilt you had for him. He'll be dreaming of La Trenda and all the hard work and love she put in to finding him a safe, happy home!!

Tell Lupe and Matt-Matt woof from Rodney!
[Rodney's Mom}