Email from Rodney's Mom 01-28-2010

Hi La Trenda,
Rodney sends his love! He has had a fun day even with the rain. In fact, I actually had to go outside and get him when it started raining-he was so busy playing that he either didn't notice or care. That's a first since any other dog I know is howling to get in! We've chewed our toys next to [Baby's] play pen and they talked to each other most of the morning. Then Rodney, [Husband] and I sat on the floor in the den playing together this evening. He just cracks us up-he is such a funny dog! Of course, both [Baby] and Rodney abandon me the second Daddy gets home! Rodney had some diarrhea a couple of times (once last night and once today) but I think the storm made him nervous. We talked to the vet and he seems much better now. It's a lot of change for him. He hasn't seen many TVs in his life...he really seemed to wonder for a minute if Serena Williams really was in the living room. I'm not kidding, he watched tennis for about 10 minutes, moving his head with the ball as if he was in the stands.
Hope you are doing great! He's amazing!
[Rodney's Mom]