Email from Rodney's Mom 2-13-2010

Hi La Trenda,
Sorry, cable modem went out and just got line repaired! Thank you, we are so excited and Rodney is so precious. Have some pictures to send to you. He went on a long ramble in the woods yesterday with Uncle [family dog] (and us of course!) and has been playing with me constantly. Baby offered him one of his toys the other day too, which was hilarious! I've been working with Rodney on obedience and you made a fantastic start, thank you! He is so quick to learn and has just adapted so well to his new life.

I will spread the word about Murphy. Just like Rodney, Murphy won the lottery when he found you!! So cute!!

I will get the pictures from my mom's camera and send. Have a great weekend and thanks a million for all you did for Rodney--your love and care made his transition from homeless to a home life so much easier for him.

Rodney's Mom